is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of solar gel batteries
lithium battery
solar street lamp only
Minimalist appearance
Industrial-grade aluminum alloy housing is durable and greatly improves safety performance. Unique and beautiful shape, comprehensively enhance the use of texture.。
Low light charging
MPPT fast charge function, we can charge the lithium battery on cloudy and rain days, the effective charge is greater than 50%, to ensure the normal supply of system power.
Long life design
The specially developed lithium battery cell is combined with an intelligent regulation network system to protect the battery life and safety.
Intelligent monitoring
Remote switch light, remote control, status query Automatic inspection, automatic operation, fault alarm, history record.
Intelligent monitoring technology advantages
Intelligent monitoring technology advantages
Lithium energy storage control system

Remote switch light

Remote switch light control for any one or a group of street lights;

Status query

The status, current, voltage, temperature, historical charge and discharge data of the street light can be checked at any time;

automatic running

When the controller can be off-line too much, support automatic light switch;

error alarm

It can realize network fault alarm and history fault query function;

Automatic inspection

The system can set up the function of automatic inspection, which can replace the manual inspection, greatly improving the work efficiency;

remote control

The LED lamp operating current and working time can be set for any one or a group of street ;

history record

Save up to one year of operation history.

Gel battery
Gel batteries(solar street lamp only)
show their strength at critical moments


low internal resistance

long life design
Products used in solar energy, wind energy systems, communications systems, power systems, railway systems, UPS uninterruptible power supply,,
Emergency lighting systems, electric road vehicles, automated control systems, fire and security alarm systems, etc.
Solar street light
Solar street lighting
Green Energy New Earth Energy
> Intelligent Monitoring and Control System
> Smart Design
> Overall aesthetics industrial design
> Multi-angle design
> Multi-angle design
> Originally developed patented products


low internal resistance, low discharge rate

long life design